Marketing and Research

Marketing and Research

Knowledge is power. Understanding your market, identifying your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses (and your own) and gaining insight to industry trends is a key driver for business success today.

However, many organizations do not have the skills or the resources to carry out research themselves. They assume, they guess and they get it wrong.

NOY Business Consultancy offers tailored research services for clients in a wide range of industries. By providing business information and strategic market research— all backed by a clear, brief, robust methodology and user-friendly reporting— we can help you make more informed decisions.

With effective market research, your company can gain invaluable information about your competitors, customers, economic shifts, current market trends and the spending traits of your customers.


The benefits of using NOY Business Consultancy’s research services

  • Customized research and market intelligence takes the guess work out of making business decisions
  • Comprehensive research can identify new opportunities and minimize risk
  • We can interpret your own raw data and findings and provide valuable business insight


  1. Our marketing research services include:
  • Primary and secondary data collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Industry research and trend analysis
  • Competitor analysis and market size research
  • Branding and marketing research for market plan development
  • Grant proposal writing
  • Identifying new markets


  1. Training services

Our training solutions are developed to help organizations improve their core competence and skills which are core enablers of sustainable business development and competitive advantage.

We provide training services in:

  • Change management
  • Leadership and management
  • Customer value creation
  • Communication skills
  • Strategic management
  • Any other as required by our clients
  • Presentation skills

Our approach cuts through the clutter to identify how your core business capabilities stack up to opportunities for growth. We’ll help you apply and scale your strengths to drive your business forward.

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NOY helps brands – and the businesses that bring them to life – move at the speed of customers.