Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service

Have you ever wished to cut down on paper work when it comes to leave, claims and overtime? How about your staff who are always on the field and cannot come to the office to apply for leave? Could it possibly be that you wished you can find a way where employees can always have access to their payslips where ever and whenever they are than to sending them their payslips via mail or by printing each and every day they need it?

Employee Self Service (ESS) which is a web application, is a sure thing to opt for to ease such chaos and save time which can be used for other productivity.

ESS is not only for the employee, but can also help the HR and Payroll Administrator as well in so many ways such as:

  • Employees can have access to their history payslips from day of engagement.
  • Employees can get to change their personal information as well as bank information which HR can have up to date information of the employees.
  • Employees who are always on the field can apply for leave with ease and not necessarily going to the office.
  • Employees can apply for claims and overtime as well. One good thing about is that, the employee can also upload any supporting documents as well.
  • ESS helps in performance reviews and appraisals.

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