Business Operations and Strategy Consulting

Business Operations and Strategy Consulting

Our Strategy & Operations services address the real issues affecting businesses. We work collaboratively with clients to link strategic vision with flawless execution to achieve tangible, long-term value across Strategy, Operations, M&A and Finance. We offer comprehensive advice and support to corporations in terms of reviewing and re-defining their strategy.

Strategy advisory, we provide following services:

  • Diagnostic review and reworking of your current business strategy,
  • Identifying and re-defining the organization’s vision, mission, goals & objectives,
  • Assessing corporate portfolio of business units, identifying key success factors for your business,
  • Developing strategy and implementation plan.

Performance Improvement: We offer consulting advice to companies to constantly improve their operational performance. Under performance improvement advisory, we provide following services:

  • Identifying revenue enhancement activities,
  • Identifying cost reduction activities including cost management,
  • Identifying cost effective procurement, logistics alternatives and business process design/re-design.

Branding and Marketing Improvement

Executive Search and Recruitment: Our human capital advisory team assists organizations manage their human resources effectively. Under human capital advisory, we provide following services:

  • Diagnostic review of HR function,
  • Organization structures, job titles, grading and job descriptions,
  • Employee competency framework, performance appraisal system,
  • Career succession planning,
  • Performance Linked Incentive Schemes,
  • Corporate governance, authority matrix including policies & procedures manuals.

Organising Training, Seminars, and Workshops – In-house options available upon request

Our approach cuts through the clutter to identify how your core business capabilities stack up to opportunities for growth. We’ll help you apply and scale your strengths to drive your business forward.

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